Let Me Pencil You In…

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With only a few days left of 2011, I decided to go out and buy myself a new planner. Yes, I know you can keep a calendar on your phone, computer, or any “iDevice” but for me, I still like my paper planner. I stick with the Weekly/Monthly kind so I can look at my month in total, and I can make detailed notes in the weekly area.

I am in no way trying to rush in to 2012 – there are still a lot of important things to happen before the year ends; like the birthday of my friend The Wizard (today) and the very first birthday my niece “The Judge” (tomorrow). I am also having a coffee date with a good friend from the West Coast today! (a wonderful surprise)

In addition to my new planner, I also bought an “At-A-Glance 2012 One Day Per Page Planning Notebook“. This year, I am going to try keeping a gratitude journal. A gratitude journal is a notebook where you record what you were grateful for that day. Studies have found that by doing this, even if you only do it once a week, your happiness levels can actually increase. I’m terrible at journal keeping, but only having to write a quick few things that I am thankful for doesn’t seem as overwhelming to keep up with.

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One Response to Let Me Pencil You In…

  1. run4joy59 says:

    I like the idea of a gratitude journal. One thing i’ve discovered over the years, when i’m feeling kind of down, if I remind myself of all there is to be thankful for I often get over my down mood. with a journal you could go back and read it when you feel kind of low…hopefully that won’t be too often.

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